Our Services

Pet food and Nutritional Advice
We carry prescription and therapeutic foods from the most trusted pet food suppliers: MediCal, Purina Veterinary Diets and Hills/Science Diet. These are the current best-of-the-best prescription diet foods for all life stages. We can also give you advice on custom diets for dogs and cats with special dietary needs.

Preventive Medicine
What's better than having a great veterinary team there when you need us? Not needing us! Of course we can't guarantee you'll never get a hairball or swallow a tennis ball, but we can show you how to avoid all sorts of infections, parasites, dental problems and such. Everyone's a little different, so we give different diet advice, different vaccine recommendations and different check-up schedules depending on your pet's age, breed, health and lifestyle. And that's just the way it should be.

In Clinic Pharmacy
Of couse when Tom the cat gets in a fight he's going to need his wounds seen to and likely some antibiotic medicine. We have a clinic dispensary for your convenience, and your pet's prescription can be filled during your appointment visit. Custom compounded and flavoured medications can be ordered by special request.

Blood tests, urine tests, fecal tests and biopsies are all routine in today's veterinary medicine. Most samples for diagnostic, critical care and wellness testing can be processed in the clinic with the Abaxis VS2 blood chemistry analyzer, Vet-ABC cell counter and I-stat blood analyzer. Tests performed during appointments normally take 15 minutes. Tests sent out to the veterinary clinical pathology lab normaly have fast 24 to 48 hour turnaround time.

Radiology and Ultrasound
OK, the stuffed squeaky toy has vanished and Max the Labrador is vomitting. Plain film and contrast xrays (including barium GI studies, I.V. pyelograms and spinal myelograms) can all be done at the clinic. We also have the great fortune to have Dr. Laurie Head, a board certified radiologist from CanWest Veterinary Specialists, here regularly. Dr. Head also performs diagnostic ultrasound exams and ultrasound guided biopsies during her scheduled visits. We also have access to specialists worldwide via internet telemedicine.

We use the safest state of the art anesthesia protocols recommended by the American College of Veterinary Anesthesiology (ACVIM). The surgery is well equipped with a full suite of electronic monitoring aids including Cardell blood pressure monitoring, intravenous pumps, Nonin vet capnograph, audible cardiac and respiratory monitors and recirculating heat pumps. But even the most sophisticated electronic monitors are no substitute for a live anesthesia technician, so that's exactly what our patients get. Every anesthesia case has a member of our team assigned to monitor every minute to ensure safety and a comfortable recovery.

Dog breath! If it is so bad you can't smooch the pooch, there's a problem. That odour is from bacteria, and it means infection. Time to book an ultrasonic cleaning/polishing, and possibly extraction of rotten or broken teeth. We also do gingivoplasty and Doxirobe implants for periodontal disease. Sometimes a filling is recommended as the best solution. Endodontics for damaged teeth are done at our clinic by a certified veterinary dental specialist as needed. Dental cleaning appointments include: dental examination, light general anesthesia with Isofluorane, complete oral examination and detailed dental charting, local anesthetic nerve blocks for superior pain control, dental cleaning with polishing, post-dental antibiotics and analgesic/pain medication.

Endoscopy and Videoscope
For nonsurgical examination, biopsy and digital photo imaging of otherwise inaccessible areas, the 8mm fibreoptic flexible endoscope is the instrument. Used for esophageal and upper G.I. exams, especially useful for diagnosing and removing foreign objects from dog stomachs, also for tracheal exams, and colonoscopy. In addition to endoscopy our clinic was one of the first in BC to routinely use a video otoscope unit for evaluation of eardrum, ear canal and nasal sinus problems.

In addition to the ususal reproductive surgeries; spay, caesarian and neuter, Doctor Andrews is fully licensed to perform general surgical duties, and has over 20 years experience in:

  • Orthopedics; fractures, luxating patella and cruciate ligament repair.
  • Ophthalmics; corneal lacerations, pedicle flaps, entropion correction, and gland prolapse (cherry eye).
  • Oral surgery: soft palate reduction, oronasal fistula, tumors, polyps.
  • Urology: urethrostomy, cystotomy, nephrectomy, cystolith (stone) removal.
  • Dermatology: wounds, abscesses, tumor removal, flap grafts, fold reduction, ear hematomas, anal sac removal, dermoplasty for lips, eyelids, ears.
  • Abdominal surgery: gastric foreign body, gastric dilation(bloat), gastropexy, gall bladder and intestinal resection, hernia and prolapse repair, splenectomy.
  • Miscellaneous: Thyroidectomy, ventriculocordectomy.

The precision and speed of many surgeries is enhanced by use of laser or radio-surgical equipment. Our Ellman surgitron unit allows ultra precise surgical control of delicate tissue. Similar to a laser but safer for patient and surgeon. The surgitron gives pinpoint control, less bleeding, reduced surgical time, reduces postop infection, and results in quicker recovery. Used for many types of surgery. Essential for procedures on tiny pocket pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and reptiles.

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